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I've been working on some economic models for political topics. If we pay for political power in terms of liberty, in a fashion that mirrors supply and demand of goods, then I think that type of model could be a fruitful way of understanding the way people think, politically. I've included a drawn model representing this Supply and Demand of Liberty below, in reference to people's Demand for and the government's Supply of Security. This applies to more than just Security, but that seems to be the hot button excuse whenever most political actions are taken (that's why "Think of the children" is a popular phrase when politicians have something they want to get pushed through).

Let me know your thoughts, and I will go into more detail on this in a future podcast episode.

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I'm going out of town for a few days, but I've got tomorrow's Construct Cast uploaded and have Monday's upload ready for edits. I'll talk to you all soon

Commutation Readings: Federalist Paper 2

Since my original edit ended up being a dud, I hope you are prepared for a double header today! Live now is my read through and analysis of Federalist Paper number 2. Be prepared for me to be very critical of the lengths to which Publius went to escalate the emotions of the citizens towards our country and founders to redirect those feelings into the adoption of the US Constitution.

This plays as a perfect part 1 to Anti-Federalist 2's part 2, which will be airing in just 3 short hours. Be ready to see where our for fathers saw viewed the world through 2 completely different lenses.

The Fall of Empires

A poem about my takeaway from reading John Glubb's The Fate of Empires

As people thrive
To Gluttony's rise
The affluent live their lives

The heart to stone
The head to moan
As Pessimism soon arrives

A delicate touch
Soft from rough
Generation of never enough

Sour the Light
Champions arrive
The final flash of love

The fall of nations turn with time
History repeats this rhyme
Over and over this happenstance
Proceeds to happen again and again

A mortal story of life unto
The Sacrifices of heroes blue
Shame and decadence cuts through
And the Empire fades away

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